One thing I've been learning consistently in all of my nursing classes is communication, communication with the patient, communication with their families, communication with the physician, and communication with other nurses. Communication is vital when working in health care because every piece of the puzzle, from the receptionist to the pharmacist, need to be on the same page to ensure the patient returns to a state of homeostasis and stays there. Communication also serves to allay the fears of patients who sometimes have no idea what's going on with their body. Working on communicating as Nurse Charis makes me think about how I communicate as regular Charis. How well do I communicate so that the homeostasis of my relationships and interactions is maintained? How well do I communicate with my friends, my parents, my classmates, and even my dorm roommate so that every piece of the puzzle in my life fits together? 

Recognizing this theme of communication has shown me that nursing school is preparing me for life in AND out of the hospital. It's more than just medications and jargon and bedside etiquette. Nursing school is learning that synchronicity between many moving parts, by way of communication, will serve me well in every facet of my life.