New Friendships

With another year quickly approaching its end, I wanted to reflect on friendship and how it changed my year for the better:

I have never been one to initiate friendships. Most of my friendships have been sparked by the law of proximity. This law states that objects that are near or proximate to each other tend to be grouped together ( Being in the same space with the same people made it easy for friendships to form in spite of me, with no real effort on my end. I let the relationships take shape however they wanted and if they didn't pan out I shrugged them off. I didn't realize, until it was almost too late, the destructive and constricting power an attitude of passivity can have on relationships. My budding friendships were being choked and I could not understand why. I became so acclimated to feeling apathetic towards relationships that it took a sobering season of deafening isolation for me to finally understand that there is beauty in friendships nurtured with intentionality and hard work. It was a hard lesson as I had to learn to shift my energy, once robbed by apathy, to cultivating meaningful relationships.

2017 has awarded me a set of friends that don't deserve to be handled with apathy or passivity. My 2017 has been filled with being present, perfecting communication, listening, spending time, suppressing fear, putting myself out there, and taking initiative. Though it has been a challenge, my friendships are blossoming because I have chosen to care for them properly. Going into 2018 I am leaving inadequate friendships behind, for good, and putting my all into beneficial ones. I can only go up from here.

What has changed your 2017 for the better?