Just a short shoutout to summertime this Saturday morning...

It's officially official, summertime is here and I love it. The sun gets a temporary extension on its curfew, setting just past 8. Ribs and potato salad become a welcomed staple in my diet. Your party becomes wack without Frankie Beverly & Maze blasting from the speakers. All the good fruit becomes ripe. Brunch and day trips become a possibility. Morning classes are a thing of the past...for now. Sundresses, sandals, and short-shorts are no longer taboo. The sun illuminates our melanin in juuuuuust the right way. Car windows are always down and music is always blasting. Beaches and amusement parks and carnivals beckons us... There's really no time like summertime. 

So as I slip on my sundress and put a bit more effort into my look I raise my (lemonade) glass to you summer. 


leo. gif.gif