Just a little update...

Life has been pretty interesting these past couple of months. I've been adulting more, developing myself emotionally, having some necessary mental breakdowns and keeping my nose to the grind. I took a break from writing so I could get my head together. Nursing school kicked my butt this semester, forcing me to take time to refocus. However, I have missed writing, a lot. I have missed transforming my thoughts into words on this forum. 

During my time away I inadvertently conducted an informal psychological study. What I intended as a simple conversation starter morphed into something that got me thinking a whole lot. My question was, what would you do right now if nothing was stopping you? Without fear, the influence of other people, or unavailable resources; what decisions would you make to reach that next level of life fulfillment?  This question made me think about the self-fabricated mental blocks that turn us away from doing the things we actually want to do. While money and various circumstances can be an actual hindrance; our attitude and way of thinking doesn't have to be. 

Though I did not ask a ton of people, a majority of my responses included traveling the world. Others said they would get with or spend time with someone special. And still other responses included pursuing dreams and robbing a bank. However, there was one response that differed from the rest. When asked the question, this person almost immediately responded, "nothing is stopping me, I'm doing exactly what I want to do." Without fear or apprehension, this person is crafting the life they desire. 

I think we should all strive to reach the point where we live without imagining or anticipating obstacles. We should take advantage of the time we have now to do exactly what we want to do. So, everyone, besides the criminal mind that wishes to rob a bank, I challenge you to think about the actual and potential hindrances that are keeping you from living the life you want. While you may not be able to wake up tomorrow and fly across the world, are you exploring the world in front of you? While your dreams seem out of reach, what are you doing right now to make sure they do come true?