20 Something

It is so great that my birthday and the addition of a new post on A Saturday Morning fall on the same day. I am usually able to write with ease and come up with conclusions, reflections, and witty inspirations. But, I am at a loss for words as I'm writing this. I wouldn't chalk it up to writers block. I wouldn't chalk it up to not having enough energy to write anything. It's just that I have so much I could say about turning twenty that I have no idea where to start. But, I think that's a great way to enter into your 20's. Being so full and ready to pour out but having the freedom to remain silent for a bit; drawing conclusions about what brought you to where you are now, reflecting on the previous nineteen years of your life, and thinking on the things and people who have inspired you. So, this morning as I am crowned an official twenty-something I'm choosing to be silent and bask in the gentle, sensitive, intelligent, loyal, beautiful woman that I am.

Happy birthday to me! *balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling*