The Bleck Pantha

(You know I HAD to write about Black Panther, you knew it was coming.)

I'm usually not one to buy into the hype of who's who at the moment or the trends of the season. I don't say this to brag or seem superior, I'm just a naturally skeptical person. However, I made a huge exception with the film Black Panther. This earth shattering, stereotype busting, powerhouse  film completely evaded my initial filter of skepticism and hesitancy to "jump on the bandwagon". The moment I saw the first teaser trailer last year I was geeked. How could I not, knowing that my two loves, superheroes and black people, were being combined in such an awesome way. Since seeing the film twice I have been bursting with opinions and perspectives about T'Challa, Okoye, the visuals, the metaphors and everything else. So, before I explode, I'm going to share some of my unsolicited reflections about Black Panther

  •  Marvel grounded it's usual fantasy and implausibility with reality in a way unseen in the other films. Black Panther took full advantage of the opportunity to speak on real issues in the black community. It made it so easy to relate to what was playing out on the screen. This film transcends mere entertainment. 
  • I don't think Killmonger should have died at the end. (Not just because I love Micheal B.) His points were way to valid for his life to be ended in the typical good guy wins, bad guys loses trope. With constant monitoring and effective integration of his less radical ideas I think he could have been integral in helping Wakanda expand it's reach.
  • Furthermore, I don't think Klaue should have died either. I would have loved to see him escape and reappear in the other Marvel films stealing vibranium, acting brash, and blasting his arm cannon. But, then again, it may have been appropriate for him to die as Marvel ushers in a new set of intergalactic foes for our favorite heroes. 
  • I loved the themes of unity in the film. One instance, when the Jabari chose to help thwart W'Kabi's plans of dissension and discord. M'Baku recognized the security of Wakanda was more important than any reservations he may have had. The other instance was at the end of the movie when T'Challa revealed he bought a block of apartment buildings in Oakland and was going to start a science and information exchange under Shuri. 
  • My words cannot capture the strength, fierceness and beauty of the Dora Milaje.

Wakanda Forever.