A Different World

I have watched all six seasons of A Different World three times. How do I love it? Let me count the ways...

1. A Different World gave me my first view of what life could be as a black female in college doing her thing and shaking up the world. I went into college knowing that I could become forever friends with my roommate, that I could meet an Earth conscious hippie who challenged my world view, and that I could fall in love with a skinny math nerd sporting flip-ups. I am grateful that A Different World showed me that the world is glowing with possibility. 

2. A Different World beautifully showcased just how multidimensional black people can be. We can love math, we can come from a place of affluence, we can be the eternal class clown, we can wear the colors of the rainbow, we can live with our head in the clouds, we can speak our mind, we can be wanted for our intellect and not to fulfill a quota, we can love, we can laugh, and we can live our lives unapologetically. As a result, I recognized my own multidimensionality by finding a piece of myself in each of the characters. A Different World was truly a show of representation.

3. A Different World presented issues with a sobering seriousness that you don't find much in current pop culture. It presented unfiltered truths about the cultural taboos in the world around us. My own ignorances were confronted in those episodes talking about AIDS and racism and sexual harassment. It made me think, am I guilty of adopting an attitude of indifference toward the issues plaguing my people? (Are you?)

4. There aren't many things that hold my attention for very long. My attention span is about as long as my pointer finger. However, I have been captivated by the entertainment A Different World provides. It is a genuine show that doesn't rely on the crutches of obscenity or crassness. I can laugh and enjoy it without looking over my shoulder or wondering what my parents would think if I watched it. 

5. I just love it, is there any better reason than that? 

What's your favorite television show, past or present?