Unpopular Opinions

When I was a devoted Twitter user there was a hash tag floating around, #unpopularopinion, where people were allowed to push aside political correctness and share their unpopular opinions. I could not stop grinning as I scrolled through thousands of unpopular opinions. I felt like Oprah during her annual Christmas show, handing out likes and retweets to opinions that resonated with me. You get a like! You get a retweet! You get a retweet! It felt good to give virtual fist bumps to those thousands that felt comfortable deviating from the norm, even over minor things. I feel it's healthy to be a rebel and voice your dissent with the way things are operated and the way the masses think. So in honor of being a non-conformist, I will share a couple of my unpopular opinions...

I hate the smell of fresh cut grass. When people express how lovely and sweet it is I call a flag on the play. I do not like seafood Sam I am, I will not eat it here or there, I will not eat it anywhere. Oatmeal raisin cookies are the best cookies (you cannot debate me). Mulan is the greatest Disney princess. Bacon is overrated. 

oprah meme.jpg

Source /shemazing.net/ 

What are some of your unpopular opinions?