Food Obsessions

I love food and when I find a food that makes my tastebuds scream I have to have it over and over...and over again. Luckily, since on spring break I have found a few foods that made my tastebuds thank me, excitedly. 

These Late July Sweet Potato Multigrain Tortilla Chips are TO DIE FOR! They are sweet but not overpowering and go perfectly with chunky salsa.

Strawberry-Banana-Orange Juice Smoothies have been my jam lately. I've never been one for green smoothies (they make me cringe) but, this all-fruit smoothie still makes me think I shop at Whole Foods and go to yoga after dropping my kids off at soccer. 


Strawberry Fig Newtons are BOMB.COM. I felt like an old lady the first time I ate them but I soon found myself not being able to put them down. I've traded these for Oreos (for the time being) and feel great about it! 


5 Current Obsessions

I have been trying to live my best life during this winter break. I took my first vacation sans parents, doodled and illustrated, laughed more heartily, enjoyed doing nothing without the looming threat of unfinished assignments, deleted my alarms, launched my baby A Saturday Morning, enjoyed the company of people I love, and allowed myself to process emotion in a new (and painful) way. I have been living and enjoying every moment. So, I want to share some of the things I've been crushing on this lovely break...

1. Makes Me Wanna Holler by Nathan McCall (I talk about this book a bit too much I'm afraid.)

2. Anita Baker

3. Amazon Prime

4. Falling asleep on the couch night after night letting the television watch me

5. My Surface Pro

5 Current Song Obsessions

I love music. You can find me grooving, head nodding, or spitting lyrics to music from a bunch of different genres. I love pop because it's trendy, old school because it connects me to my parents, hip-hop for the culture, soul for the slow grooving two-step, rap because I can bust out my milly rock, and alternative because of the hidden gems. The songs below reflect a bit of my eclectic taste:

1. I Apologize - Anita Baker

2. Best 4 U - Maroon 5

3. Herside Story - Hare Squead 

4. The Charade - D'Angelo

5. Over My Head - Alabama Shakes

(Bonus: 20 Something - Sza)

None of these photos are mine, I acquired them all from the internet via Google.